Cocha Cashu - Manu National Park (07.01.2013 to 09.30.2013)

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July - September
Communications activities: 

 Photos of the Camera trap project were shown in the first expostion of Manu National Park in cuoc Peru, celebrating its 40 years of creation.

Unusual Events at the TEAM Site: 

 In June 2013 we recorded the first Anaconda for the lowlands of Cocha Cashu. The animal was seen by Juan Kapeshi and Alvaro Ahuanari, while setting up camera traps.


Protocol Activities: 

 Vegetation Plots: We measured 6 plots, each plot had at least between 680 to 720 stems. 

We set up 30 camera traps in June 2013 around Cocha Cashu Biological Station, we pick them up in July and we set them up around Pakitza Park Ranger post. Most of the forest was unsually wet for being the dry season. No white lipped pecaries were observed , and more snakes were found (it could be a correlation but this is only an speculation).

Protocol Problems: 

 No problems

Logistical Problems: 

 The rivers were lower than usual (so our exit was slow) and our exit was delayed by the strike of miners (who threatened to take us hostage) so we had to leave using the longest route. 

Publications or Presentations in Scientific Meetings: