TEAM hires new Site Scientist for CSNR TEAM Site

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February 1, 2007

Beginning February 1, 2007, James Watling will be the new Site Scientist for the CSNR TEAM Site. James received his PhD from Florida International University in Miami, USA in 2005, and worked as a post-doc at FIU before joining TEAM. James’ research interests revolve around describing patterns of community assembly at scales ranging from local to global, and understanding the processes underlying the organization of natural communities. His research on amphibians and reptiles has brought him to many countries in Latin America including Costa Rica, Peru, Bolivia, and Suriname.

As the Site Scientist, James will oversee the management of the site and continue to work with our partners in Suriname, the Anton de Kom University of Suriname, the Centre for Agricultural Research in Suriname, and CI Suriname.

To contact James, please email him at or