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Current Site Managers: Eduardo Eler, Andre Luis

Site Description: 

The Manaus TEAM site started in 2002 and is managed by the National Institute for Amazonian Research (INPA). This TEAM site is spread between three different field stations surrounding the Brazilian city of Manaus. The first station is located in the Reserva Florestal Adolfo Ducke; the second two stations are off of the BR 174 Manaus–Boa Vista Highway (near the Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragments Project) and at ZF 2 near the Large-Scale Biosphere–Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia.

INPA was created with the purpose of fostering the scientific study of the environment and the culture of the Amazon region. Its mission is to generate, promote, and divulge scientific and technological knowledge on the Brazilian Amazon for the conservation of the environment and the sustainable development of the natural resources in benefit, mainly of the regional population. Through INPA's five decades, its role in producing knowledge has increased, establishing its commitment to sustainable development; the defense of the environment and its ecosystems; and expanding the studies on biodiversity, social diversity, and forest and water resources.

INPA has its headquarters in the urban part of Manaus, distributed among three urban campuses: Campus Aleixo I, Campus Aleixo II, and V-8 Campus. Three forest reserves, two biological reserves, four experimental stations, two research floating bases, a floating laboratory, and a research boat also make up the physical infrastructure of INPA.

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Latitude: -2.929058
Longitude: -59.976408